Statistically Improbable Phrases For SEO Backlinking

Amazon Statistically Improbable Phrases

The original concept of statistically improbable phrase is credited to and its “search inside” function.

The Search Inside ™ Function of statistically improbable phrases used to appear on the Amazon landing page for books listed on the public site. This “public feature” was removed some time between 2010 and 2011. Both Sue Bell and Russell Wright of considered this to be one of the most important and useful public keyword analysis data locations of the decade, and were not surprised to see it suddenly removed from public HTML pages. The scraping and archiving of statistically improbable phrase data would afford remarkable insight into the interconnected workings all books and topics by various authors, and provide elite insight into tangent themes and markets, as well as providing “early warning” for new opportunities within new and emerging markets.

For what it’s worth, the Search Inside Amazon statistically improbable phrase data is still available within the current “Look inside feature” of any participating authors book on the book sales page within Amazon. This makes the data much harder to scrape, borrow, and steal. Since it is no longer available as a data function within the HTML code of the Amazon website.

Imagine the possibilities of such data, which of course, Amazon is using to it’s fullest potential in their backend data warehouse. (i.e. people who bought “X” also bought “Y”)

For instance, if you discovered that an author who wrote a book on “How to Prepare for A Triathlon” was quoting some obscure kung fu black belt master on the importance of physical self-discipline, and other triathlon authors were also quoting this same obscure black belt master, it could be assumed that this “obscure form of martial art” (and the teacher) had an established foothold in the triathlon market! You might even make the leap to other assumptions and market research conclusions  (like we did) that Triathlete’s and martial artists have several things in common, including some buying behaviors and product interests. You might go a step further and assume it is safe to run Triathalon-centric banner ads on a “Black Belt” website. *We realize this is a big leap, but much of these “tangent market” assumptions are fairly accurate.

You see, such data is very difficult to ascertain from merely googling the topic of triathlon. Therefore, understanding the nuance a very unusual and unpopular terms not commonly searched is what statistically improbable phrases are all about.

One of Wright’s early software specs proposed to scrape Amazon’s top level topics for all statistically improbable phrase data and correlate the rare and unusual terms to ascertain the potential development of new and emerging markets or interests. This software plan was shelved, presuming that Amazon would eventually remove this data from the HTML. And this data has become nearly impossible to scrape with ordinary scripting technologies. Also, it is easier to use our own collected data from the Socially Activated One Web Ring Automatic Traffic Systems we have developed since our early spec days.

The Last Keyword Tool: Statistically Improbable Phrases For SEO Backlinking

With that back story, fast-forward six years into 2014 were the Google Penguin and Panda combo filter have begun to lower the quality rating of a website when back links do not contain any anchor text that are statistically improbable phrases.

The Last Keyword Tool is a natural language process keyword research tool created by Sue Bell, Kelley Reynolds and Russell Wright of Theme Zoom. It has the ability allow for custom paramaters and keyword research filters. As far as we know, no other consumer-grade tool on the market offers this.

One of the courses offered by Network Empire is the Panda and Penguin SEO Recovery Course.

Jimmy Kelley and Sue Bell created and tested a TLKT filter called the “Statistically Improbable Best Anchor Text Enhancement Filter”

The Statistically Improbable Best Anchor Text Enhancement Filter was created by Sue Bell and Jimmy Kelley of Network Empire. The purpose of this filter is to give you the best anchortext keywords when building back links to websites. This will be especially useful when coupled with information from the GSA Software Training Course and the Domain Authority Stacking Course.

Here is the filter:

keyword_google_competing_pages < 1000000 and keyword_is_pure_diverse and keyword_lsi_score > 1

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The Last Keyword Tool Stand Alone Product:

Can purchase the last keyword tool natural language processing keyword research software at

The Last Keyword Tool help file:

To find out more about how to use the last keyword tool, please see the Theme oom glossary TLKT help file entry:

The Last Keyword Tool Help File

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